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List of compatible wheels



  • Tom Morris

    Incompatible - 30 yr old Araya 20A (?) - OEM on 1989 Panasonic DX-3000 - steel welding reinforcement

  • David Hundley

    In the Compatible list above is the Giant P-R2. I *think* it is true that the P-R2 is compatible (I'm having other troubles with my new Fliiiight), but I am pretty sure that the Giant P-R2 *Disc* wheel is not. Two new bikes newly arrived in this household, along with the Flight. I tried the one with the P-R2 Disc wheels first, and the Fliiiight magnets stuck to the rim. I presume that's a bad sign. The same did not happen when I tried the bike with the P-R2 wheels (non-disc). Needless to say I'm a little annoyed having planned those purchases based on this list. So I suggest that you add "Giant PR-2 Disc" to the Incompatible list and change the entry in the compatible list to say "Giant P-R2 (non-disc)."


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